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Fluid Mechanics “Complex Potential” Ders Notu

Malum feysbık hesabımızı kapattığımızdan dolayı notun eklendiği haberini de burdan yapmamız gerekcek sanırım..;-)

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Fluid Mechanics Second Week Worksheets

Hey my lovely friends 😎

This day is a little bit from the others b’cuz of the fact that I have been writing this document in other language whics is called English as you know 🙂

May be my English is not enough for such a this thing,but we have to use this in our daily lifes. English is situated from our hearts and we all live this in everywhere 🙂

Anyway, there is not needed to write long long story 🙂

And what is my aim to write this document like that? Because, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cem ECE  has shared the worksheet of the second week ..Yeeapp!

It’s a very nice day, isn’t it? 🙂

And If you ask me “where is located this document”, i say IN HERE JUST CLICK

See you in the next writings,

Take care of yourselves until that day..


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